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A Look Back At The Oscar Nominees : The Love In A Star Is Born

A Look Back At The Oscar Nominees : The Love In A Star Is Born

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This Oscar season has not disappointed so with hollywood’s biggest night coming up were going to be looking back at this years nominations as we proceed to analyze the films nominated for this year’s top award known as BEST PICTURE.

This first picture we’re looking back at started this years Oscar race encompassing not only a first directorial debut for Bradley Cooper but also a leading role for the wonderful Lady Gaga (American Horror Story: Hotel) . Now let’s head back to 2011 shall we where news of another remake of this film were a blaze the starting director of what was to be this project was Clint Eastwood, along with Beyonce starring as the female lead along with a laundry list of heavy actors to play the male love interest names such as Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Tom Cruise. However after that announcement no other moves were made to continue with the creation of the project. Enter 2016 where Bradley Cooper (Alias, Limitless, A-Team, American Sniper and Guardians Of The Galaxy) steps in to not only star but to direct, an interesting choice for the actor turned director for this to be his first project. The picture’s scheduled release on October 5. 2018.

A Star Is Born, Is a remake of the 1937 film of the same name and follows a hard-drinking musician (Cooper) who discovers and falls in love with a young singer (Gaga). The story has been told multiple times since it’s first run in 1937. This iteration marks it’s fourth remake of the original 1937 film. After the 1954 musical starring Judy Garland and James Mason with direction from George Cukor. Not to mention the 1976 interpretation starring Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson this time directed by Frank Pierson and Lastly with the original starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. So beyond this point proceed with caution as [LIGHT SPOILERS] are to follow ahead.

Although being told for the fourth time the story till packs a punch with it’s stellar direction, fluid cinematography and breathtaking performances from not only the supporting cast but the director as well. The picture was both incredibly poetic and ironic that I waited until today, February 10th 2019, the day of the Grammy’s in the month of love, to finally watch Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut. The story began with the two characters meeting in a bar on Jackson’s(Cooper) was on his way to the airport. He sees Ally (Gaga) performing at this bar and is star struck by not only her vocal ability but also her personality this leads to the two growing a bond in their love of music and well love. Jackson determined to bring her along his career and ultimately his journey till the end. What follows is a great story of fame, substance abuse, internal depression. However it also brings music, talent and the lengths love will take a person.

Bradley Cooper both manages to direct some stellar performances from not only himself but many other fantastic supporting actors, some include the likes of Sam Elliot who brought a real grounded subtly of his performance doing so much in so little time, and a surprise appearance of legendary comedian Dave Chapelle who comes to play in his scenes with Cooper, as well as Andrew Dice Clay who plays Ally’s father who brings not only a loving humor to the role but also a bit of toughness. However, the standout in my opinion has to go to the titular “STAR” herself portrayed amazingly by the gorgeous Lady Gaga. Now going in I was severely hesitant on seeing the acting debut of Lady Gaga taking the jump from artist to TV and now film. Transitions like these are never smooth for all, However I must give credit where credit is due I did a complete 180 on that initial hesitation because she was just a natural.

Some of the films best moments come from the two leads unbelievably amazing chemistry. Starting from the performance in the bar with the sexy and sweet gentleness in the way Ally performed the song she had sang. Not to mention the withering of Jackson’s hearing and ability to keep his hands still. To the bombastic anxious feeling when she hits the stage for the first time with Jackson as they sing their hearts out to “Shallow”. The film does a great job of showing a bit of restraint while not slowing down too much by giving us those intimate moments in the house with Ally and Jack, talking to you tub scene. Along with the quiet stillness we get when we hear Jackson in the car with his brother Bobby. To the outright absurdity of the Grammy Award scene which could’ve gone wrong with any other actor but cooper pulls off masterfully. To the bittersweet ending of the heartbreaking tribute concert at the end of the picture. The film knew how it felt and showed me. Not in a way of manipulation but more of a form of an expression. I’m very delighted to see to see that Gaga is getting recognition for her role as she does bring her voice as well with a welcome surprise coming form cooper as well. The original music by the two is so good It’s chilling.

Now no film is perfect and with the focus being so heavily weighted towards the performances, music, and story I did feel editing did range from fine to down right choppy at times getting me a little bit lost with the story at times. Luckily Cooper’s phenomenal directing is enough to distract me with his excellent deliverance of themes, characters and overall narrative. In a year full of actors turned directors. Bradley Cooper tries his damnest to show his talent and succeeds in doing so. I hope to see more from him in the coming years if this is the bat he’s set and while it’s not perfect A STAR IS BORN truly set the stage for the Oscar race to begin.

Written By Abel Rangel