A Look Back On The Oscar Nominees: A Celebration At It's Finest Is Bohemian Rhapsody

A Look Back On The Oscar Nominees: A Celebration At It's Finest Is Bohemian Rhapsody

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The kings of queen are indeed the most royal team in the fight for the top award of the night in best picture, and reminded everyone including myself why we love Queen as well as why there champions. This picture was vibrant, enthralling and felt like a celebration from the beginning to end. Bohemian Rhapsody looks to celebrate the art of innovation and creativity. As of late I think it’s safe to say that this was one of my most favorite films of last year. I’d put it in my top three. Although the film was surrounded by controversy nothing stopped it from being a champion at the box office and audiences alike.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a 2018 biographical film about Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the British rock band Queen. It follows the singer's life from when he joins the band in 1970 to their 1985 Live Aid performance at the former Wembley Stadium in London. A British-American venture, it was produced by 20th Century FoxNew RegencyGK Films, and Queen Films, with Fox serving as distributor. Directed by Bryan Singer, it was written by Anthony McCarten, and produced by Graham King and Queen manager Jim Beach. It stars Rami Malek as Mercury, with Lucy BoyntonGwilym LeeBen HardyJoe MazzelloAidan GillenTom HollanderAllen Leech, and Mike Myers in supporting roles. Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor served as creative and musical consultants.

The film took full advantage of the cast and made this movie more of a concert film without falling too heavy into the biopic formula. The cast was stunning, some highlights throughout the film was the banter between the band, I enjoyed the band being a band there wasn’t any one character that felt like the leader. Each one brought a special unique thing to the performance which elevated the film. Scenes like the one where Freddie acknowledges his sexuality to Mary Austin, which made me feel nervous and anxious. Not because of what he said but how he and his partner reacted to it, also the scene where he finally gets rid of his personal manager later on in the story, and his rise back to the top. Not to mention the subtleties in the performance of Mercury in scenes prior where he would look at certain men while on the phone with his spouse. The rest of the band also played together very well on their own merits by being able to distinguish themselves while melding as a band would. May’s positivity and creative spirit pierced through every scene. Mazello’s charm and fun radiated throughout the picture while Taylor’s wit and toughness added a fun emotion into the mix.Another highlight I wanted to add was the marvelous and sweet performance of Lucy Boynton who completely stole the show every time I saw her on screen.

The cinematography made every concert scene shine. While also making the intimate moments have heart without making it feel like a quota. The costumes we’re loud. The production was extravagant while the cherry on the cake known as the Live Aid concert amongst everything caps off this movie in the most masterful way giving you a concert no one will ever forget. It hits all the right beats and makes you feel alive. Through the bands performance and through the crowd their performing to. There’s no doubt in my mind that this definitely deserves the praise it’s been getting proving why and forever the champions will remain Queen.

Written By William Christian Praise