The Problem Facing Disney

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Walt Disney Studios one of if the not the most dominant studios to have ever been or existed. A studio who has been the forefront of many media entertainment progressions for 95 years and still pushes to move the needle. However I’ve said many times before I’m not one to kid around when it comes to this stuff and although I trust in Disney and their capability to create proper material. It’s the pattern I’ve noticed Disney trending towards that could be difficult for them to overcome if they act on it to late. So there are three things I want to talk about here, the pattern of disney, The upcoming fox merger and what I’d like to see change.

courtesy of 4 Hat and Frugal

courtesy of 4 Hat and Frugal

1. The Disney Pattern

So it seems for the past few months that Disney has been following a trend that has been kind of hindering what makes them so great. Over the last few weeks Disney has not been pitching it’s straight ace. With first it’s need to dig back into old material. from the likes of their Disney Renaissance classics to be released this year in Aladdin (2019) and The Lion King (2019) whom are not completely living up to the amazing expectations they’ve already set in their animated predecessors. Leading on to the Captain Marvel and Star Wars controversies that have been building. Now I mention all these big properties now I’m not saying these films are a problem because in all honesty you’ll probably see me at the movies opening night for every single film I just mentioned. However the problem doesn’t stem from that it’s more so, the company itself has gotten into this rhythm of complacency in which they attempt at one product and when it doesn’t succeed it’s like right away they send something else out making it feel sort of like a machine. Which Disney through its product isn’t I’ve grown up with Disney being the golden standard in fact it was the first studio I was familiar with when I moved from Kenya when I was two. My father walked in with all of the Disney Renaissance movies and we popped ‘em in like they were candies. I remember watching them day after day and feeling like I can do everything in the world. However that original feeling of enchantment and imagination has been sold to us through this once great company more than it’s been giving in the theater. I realize business is first in the movie industry I would just proceed with caution when being in the top spot because we know what Disney can do and they know we deserve better.

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2. The Disney Fox Merger

Moving along with my next point, the Disney Fox merger. Earlier last year Fox had been looking to sell a bit of there acquisitions to the highest bidder. The battle for Fox was long with early talks saying that Disney would have a sort of deal with fox where they would partner on projects they had with one another. Until Comcast and Universal came in and ruffled a little bit more feathers. Leading Disney to have to buy out Universal. After the bid was to high Universal and Comcast dropped out leaving Disney to fully acquire it. Now on the surface that’s sounds nice, the prospects of X-Men and Fantastic Four joining the MCU sounds great. However without Fox we would never received the magnificent Deadpool as we see him now. Nor would we have gotten the proper send off to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Logan in the same vain either. Bob Iger head of Disney has already confirmed the possibility of having these rated R movies in a seperate band outside of the Marvel Studios brand. Meaning they could have it on a Miramax or a Fox Searchlight if that company stays in tact. However we now have another studio that’s out of competition with Disney which means we won’t be getting as much of a variety of comic book movies outside of DC. So they need to be able to step up the product or as we’ve seen in the star wars brand people will lose interest.


3. Disney Improvement

So as it lies Disney may be on track financially however if they just churn out material we’ve seen and only change it up a little bit. People will eventually feel different in the way they approach Disney products. They still have their hits like A Coco or Queen Of Katwe or even a Finest Hours. Even though may not reach the numbers of a Black Panther, Star Wars or Toy Story. We don’t want this once great studio to fall into being a shell of its former self. However the studio has lasted for a long time and I see no end in sight for the future it has made itself. I just want to feel in love with the material not for nostalgia sake but for quality sake. I want them to not grow complacent but to continue to take risks in their storytelling and their variety of films.