TV's Best New Show The Kids Are Alright

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TV’s Best New Show The Kids Are Alright

We’ve seen many families on TV throughout the years. The Jeffersons, Married With Children and Malcolm In The Middle but the Cleary’s bring a sense warm old school feel to the family sitcom comedy. whom are slowly but surely going to be a top the list of best TV families before the end of it’s run. I’ve recently started watching more of the network shows but with every pilot I watched this past fall none made me happier to watch than ABC’s The Kids Are Alright. If you haven’t watched this show yet, you’re truly missing out on a very heart warming show about kids in a specific time learning key family values.

The Kids Are Alright is an American sitcom television series created by Tim Doyle for ABC, inspired by Doyle's own childhood. The series is a single-camera comedy about an Irish Catholic family raising eight sons in suburban Los Angeles circa 1972, navigating the trials and tribulations of the era.

With the return of the series this past tuesday for this most recent Valentines day episode things are looking sunny bright for the fellow Cleary’s. The strict but fun loving parents portrayed wonderfully by Michael Cudlitz (of Walking Dead and Band Of Brothers fame) and Mary McCormack (of The West Wing and In Plain Sight fame) not to mention there children starting off with our main character Timmy Cleary portrayed by Jack Gore, the fifth son whose love of show business knows no bounds, The eldest and wise first born named Lawrence Cleary portrayed by Sam Straley who just came back from college trying to find out what to do with his life next. Next we Have Eddie Cleary portrayed by Caleb Foote whose a fun spirit kind hearted person whose just trying to grow up. Frank Cleary portrayed by Sawyer Barth the snitch and most responsible who always plays by the rules who happens to be the third son. Joey Cleary portrayed by Christopher Paul Richards who plays a slick rick middle child whose got a lot going on and although sneaky a joy to watch whose the fourth son. William Cleary, the sixth son whose intelligent and subtly makes him stand out and last but not least the second to last son Patrick Cleary portrayed by Santino Barnard, whose an energetic and zaniness never seizes to put a smile on my face.

The stories through each episode not only get better but never disappoint there’s always a big laugh in every episode specifically in the past one. (LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD) A scene that involves Eddie, Frank, and Timmy as they try to force him to take a shower that had me jump out of my seat with laughter every time I replayed it. At first it was mostly about Timmy and his love of the arts but throughout the majority of the series we’ve seen more dynamics play out with parents and siblings amongst one another. They are all very distinct and every time If your not watching you are truly missing out. The show not only gathers has great characters but also fun story lines to follow such as Wendy portrayed by Kennedy Lea Slocum whose strong and brave personality always mixes well with Eddie and his family. Lawrence and Eddie or Timmy and his misadventures with Joey need I say more this show has a little bit of something for everyone.

Now me being from a big family and having a bunch of siblings of my own really made this show a ton better but even on merits alone it’s a great family show with comedy that always seems to hold up even if it takes place in the 70s. Not to mention the situations the family gets put in is always amazing to their characters and really adds to their personality and traits allowing you to connect with them more. The writing is strong (nominated for WGA award by the way), the show is made incredibly well. The comedy is solid and the smaller intimate moments work so well within the show without feeling forced or out of place nor does it slow down the show at any rate but makes it better. On top of that the show is never a chore to watch. It’s something you can have on the background and no matter it will still make you laugh. I will not lie and say I wasn’t hesitant on watching the show. I have never been a fan of network television until most recently but after This Is Us I can honestly say this another show I’ll be keeping up with for a long time and you should too.

Written By William Christian Praise

The Kids Are Alright airs Tuesdays on ABC at 7pm