Believe The Hype For HBO's Barry


Courtesy of HBO

So with me juggling school and work I haven’t had much time for television since Game Of Thrones had ended. With a show that massive I felt I needed a break from HBO after the finale. However after the fact, I had began looking for a new show after the hype for GOT blew over. So what came next was even more challenging so what was the challenge you ask. Well, I’ll tell you the challenge was finding a new show to watch. HBO or otherwise I know we have event television shows such as Stranger Things, Atlanta, G.O.T I haven’t really found any thing solid then I did what I always do and I turned on Collider TV Talk gathers together hosts such as Josh Macuga (whose on of my favorite tv critics, with Alison Keene, David Griffin, Sasha Perl Raver and Sinead De Vries) and Thadd Williams, who host a radio podcast discussing the latest and greatest in TV news.

On their show I hear them begin to talk about a show called Barry is an american dark tragicomedy television series created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader. It stars Hader as the title character, a hitman from the Midwest who travels to Los Angeles to kill someone and then finds himself joining an acting class.

Now today, i’m going to be talking about the positives for the show a few negatives then I’ll rate and tell you why you might wanna give it a chance.

Starting off with the positives the writing,acting and story. This show’s writing keeps you on it’s toes makes you laugh but also knows how to bring you back to reality and severity of it's consequences so well it doesn’t treat it's serious subject matter as a joke, and knows when to reel it back if necessary. We see the personality of Barry and the comrades in his work as a hitman in characters such as Friend/Mentor figure Monroe Fuches (Stephen Root) and Chechen Gangster “NoHo” Hank (Anthony Carrigan) juxtapose with the levity and light heartedness of the acting class. Teacher Gene Cusamono (Henry Winkler) and student Sally Reed (Sarah Goldberg). not to mention the rest of the amazing supporting cast. The writers have handle on every character and never miss a beat with them at anytime which makes it easier to always understand what’s going on..Not to mention this show is usually 25 minutes long so you could get through it very easily if needed be it’s not to long but even within the 25 minutes you’ve felt like you have just been given a whole meal to digest and come back for more.

Although not every show is perfect and most of the gripes I have with the show has to do with the character of Sally Reed although Goldberg’s performance is stellar the character of Sally Reed in the beginning comes off very unlikable within the first few episodes they sell as this ambitious actress whose willing to push everyone out of the way to get what she wants and forget to make her likable at least a little bit until the second season and even then sometimes she still tries your patience as an audience member I always root for her because of her story and what she’s been through but when a person is always mad that even when things go good for her she still feels down and mad that other characters are gaining the same recognition if not more than her. It could sometimes be a bit hard to root for her all the way. However I will say she had her moments where she really did pull off being a great character not for Barry but for herself and the overall story. The second season they gave her so much more character based moments and less actor needing to find inspiration manipulation moments and I hope we get to see more of this from her and not taking anything away from the writing because they write her perfectly it’s just little nitpicks of mine that make me frustrated with her characters sometimes.

But none the less Barry is one of the best shows on tv and if you’re not watching it you are most certainly missing out. I give this show a 5/5. It’s filled with high quality acting and character moments and quick fused adrenaline rush that continues to ride throughout the whole first and second seasons so catch Barry on HBO before season three you won’t be disappointed.

Written By William Christian Praise