Ben Affleck Is Finally Out As Batman, New Actor To Be Cast In The Role

courtesy of Warner Bros.


After months of speculation the news has finally been confirmed, Ben Affleck and Warner Bros. have both mutually parted ways due to what Affleck claimed as not being able to crack the script for what was supposed to be his Batman movie. Let’s travel back to 2013 where Ben Affleck is announced to play Batman, the iteration he was set to play was supposed to be a more mature hardened Bruce Wayne/Batman similar to Frank Millers Dark Knight. His first entry was set to be the next DCEU film headed by Zack Snyder, which was originally going to be a sequel to Snyder’s 2013 film Man Of Steel which spearheaded the franchise. However in the sequel it would have Superman meeting Batman for the first time on film. The film was announced at 2013 San Diego Comic Con, before Affleck was considered eventually he would be cast and be met with mixed reactions as to what he was going to do with the role given the fact that he was a bit on the older side from the younger superman Cavill had portrayed however after the eventual release of the film. All those questions were shut down although the film had been met with mixed to negative reaction Affleck’s performance was lauded as a highlight of the film, which also follow into Justice League in 2017. Soon after talks began about Affleck taking a step behind the camera while daunting the cowl with him getting the chance to direct the Batman movie during the announcement of upcoming DC films in the line of the DCEU. However soon after the release of justice league and it’s reception, the rumor mill spun about Affleck having second thoughts about playing the character this came along with the news of his most recently directed film Live By Night which also met the same fate as the superhero movies he had made. Not to mention the struggles he had as well. All this and more may be the reason but at the end of the day once early rumors began to spin about him wanting out. Every time there was an interview Warner Bros. never wanted to confirm or deny it and Affleck although maybe through contract obligation couldn’t deny or confirm neither until both sides came to the decision. I do find it interesting however that now that Aquaman has crossed the billion dollar mark Warner Bros. has agreed to finally admit that there parting ways with Affleck in the DCEU. He was one of the best batmen we could’ve asked for and although he didn’t get his own spotlight to shine Affleck did the best with what he was given. It is also nice to see that both parties left on good terms and Affleck himself seems to be in a good place from when we last saw him stating on Kimmel “That' although he wasn’t able to crack the script or a story for the character, he’s looking forward to Reeves movie”. This does leave me curiously wondering if Henry Cavill’s Superman will meet the same fate.

Although one Batman has left the show must go on and Indeed it will. WIth Matt Reeves (Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, War For The Planet Of The Apes, Cloverfield) now picking up the directing position and a finished first draft now on the scripts of Warner Bros. executive desks. Another rumor mill has picked back up as to who will now play Batman. Some names that have been thrown around recently are Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter, Twilight, Good Times), Jon Hamm (Baby Driver, Mad Men, Black Mirror) Kit Harrington (Game Of Thrones) & Richard Madden (Game Of Thrones, The Bodyguard) little bit of news has been released to what the story is going to be about and how young or old he wants to cast. However from this boat of actors I’m curious to see who comes out on top.

Details are scarce relating to the project expect for the big news like it will follow a somewhat young Batman maybe the age of how christian Bale played him and also the script was re written from scratch by Reeves himself. Although trades such as Comic book. com have reported that Reeves might not even make his Batman film connect to the DCEU and plans to take the Aquaman approach keeping it in it’s own separate universe. So what do you think comment down below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Written By William Christian Praise