New Power Rangers Movie In The Works At Hasbro And Paramount

Photo courtesy of ArtStation artwork By Carlos Dattoli


Today I am blessed with excitement as it has just been announced that HASBRO is attempting to put out another POWER RANGER movie. Now little is known on whether this next installment is to be a continuation of the 2017 film directed wonderfully by Dean Israelite or if it’s meant to be a reboot for the new Hasbro Film Division. After the release of the 2017 film it was very unclear whether or not Lionsgate would move forward with another picture. However according to HASBRO CEO Brian Goldner during a conference call meeting with studio executives the idea was brought up of continuing the franchise.

With the recent creation of the Hasbro Film Division, whom had just recently released Bumblebee this past December with great reviews from critics and fans alike. The division itself is finding minor success and still happens to be looking for it’s voice. Now don’t get me wrong numbers don’t lie, I’ll tell you right now that the minute this movie opens I’ll be there with my ticket in hand and bucket of popcorn with me in my seat. However I’m not one to put my head in the sand also. See I am huge power rangers fan and still am. Although the 2017 movie wasn’t perfect it still had enough of an impact for me to want to see a sequel the cast was phenomenal and I loved the story. Unfortunately, holly wood is a business first and the story of box office tells the tale of the almost flop that this movie was with it barely scraping by at the box office to my dismay. So you could only imagine my excitement when I woke up to this news. I’m glad there taking another shot at it and I can’t wait to see how it turns out, that is if they do turn it out.

However I’d like to here your thoughts are you excited to see another power rangers movie? If so why? And if not? Why not?

Written By William Christian Praise